Some time ago, perhaps even ten years, my eldest son asked me why lying is wrong. I was stumped. In the moment I couldn’t think of a reason beyond “Because it is! Because good people don’t do it.” I was shocked by my inability to answer the question quickly, succinctly...

Once our children start school, it’s a place they spend half their waking hours throughout the school week. As parents, we need to make sure that we are choosing a school that adequately caters to their needs, and provides them with the best chance of being happy and s...

Kindy graduation: a participation award, setting our kids up for failure

Kindy graduations really get me riled up. A graduation gown and a mortar board, not to mention a furled certificate and professional photos, for a four year old who has not achieved a thing, is rid...

January 1, 2016



Pregnancy is such a personal experience and women complete the ever so long 40-week journey in so many different ways. Starting from the moment those 2 tiny lines appear and you:


A: Hyperventilate on the floor,

B: Jump around squealing in joy

C; Hysterically cry and th...

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April 11, 2019

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