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Candidate Code of Conduct



Ensure you maintain a:

  1. Current and clear working with children check (Australia) or national police check

  2. Current First Aid 

  3. Current CPR & Anaphylaxis qualification, updated as required


Relationships with children:

  1. Ensure that children’s routine needs are met (e.g.: sleep, meals, nappy changing, toileting and bathing).

  2. Ensure that children’s social and emotional needs are met (e.g.: making sure they feel safe and providing opportunities to interact with other children).

  3. Maintain a safe environment for children at all times taking particular care when out in the community (e.g.: park, museum or supermarket).

  4. Respect the rights of children, and treat them with dignity.

  5. Respect children’s personal space, but give comfort and show affection where appropriate.

  6. Interact with children in a positive, encouraging manner.

  7. Be a positive role model, modelling appropriate behaviour and language.

  8. Encourage children to express themselves, and respond respectfully and supportively.

  9. Provide experiences that assist in the overall development of the child, including experiences that promote the development of self-reliance and self-esteem.

  10. Incorporate the children’s interests when planning activities and outings.

  11. Utilise everyday experiences as learning experiences 

  12. Help children to develop awareness of their belonging to a community.

  13. Use positive behaviour guidance techniques (e.g: praising and encouraging appropriate behaviour).

  14. Never physically discipline a child, handle a child roughly, or speak to a child in an aggressive or humiliating manner.

  15. Where child abuse is suspected, take appropriate steps to inform the relevant authorities or the agency for the protection of the child/ren. 

  16. Maintain confidentiality in regards to children’s personal or medical circumstances.


Relationships with families:

  1. Be respectful and courteous in interactions with employing family, including their extended family.

  2. Respect, and work within the cultural values and beliefs of families.

  3. Strive to develop an open, respectful and communicative relationship with families.

  4. Support the relationships of the children and their families, and support families in their roles raising their children.

  5. Work collaboratively with families to provide quality care for their children, communicating throughout the day where appropriate.

  6. Report any accident or injury to a child to the family as soon as practicably possible.

  7. Take care in regards to the family’s possessions and property, and report any accidental damage to the family as soon as practicably possible.

  8. When responding to, or raising concerns with families, do so in a respectful and diplomatic manner with an aim to come to a resolution that all parties are comfortable with.

  9. Refrain from sharing photographs or details about children on social media without the clear consent of the family.

  10. Maintain confidentiality and respect the families right to privacy at all times.




  1. Conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times

  2. No smoking, drinking or use of drugs at all

  3. Never administer medication to children without parental consent

  4. Work within the limits of the role and your qualifications, example: refer parents/children to other professionals where appropriate, (e.g.: don’t offer medical advice about children in your care, refer parents to medical professionals).

  5. Treat colleagues in the home and community with respect, both in person and on social media.

  6. Engage in reflective practice, learn from experience and identify areas for improvement.

  7. Value social equality and diversity in the community.

  8. All staff agree to keep their First Aid and CPR up to date.

  9. All staff agree to maintain a clear Working with children check or the relevant Police check in their state or territory or home country

  10. Our staff are a direct reflection of the agency, ensure you are well groomed and professional at all times

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