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Your gateway to the world of Luxury.

Luxury Concierge Service

WGS International has built a large global network over the past 15 years and has a dedicated luxury concierge team, who are experts in their respective fields. From fine art to fine jewelry including rare or investment grade stones, our specialists offer tailor-made solutions that will exceed your expectations.

WGS also has in-house property department, who will assist you with selling or acquiring property (residential and commercial), anywhere in the world. 

Our luxury travel agents assist our clients with all travel coordination, including but not limited to, jets, yachts, accommodation, activities, transfer and will work with our recruitment team to implement any staff you require.

Our team of experts are dedicated to delivering an unparalleled service, with a focus on providing our clients with the best possible experience. We strive to deliver luxury services that are tailored to your individual requirements, so you can enjoy the best of what life has to offer.

Submit your lifestyle request here & we will reach out within 48 hours

Your wish is our command!

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