Family Travel - learning & creating memories


Having worked in the travel industry for 20 years, 15 years mostly spent up high in the sky as an International Flight Attendant. Working for Emirates based in Dubai which saw me travel to some amazing destinations. Upon my return to home soil I continued to fly, flying regionally QANTASLINK to then work for QANTAS International as a First and Business Class Flight Attendant.

Now with a family of my own, I much prefer the role of passenger with my family in tow exploring the globe together. My travel obsession and curiosity continues to thrive as I now embark on an endless travel journey with my family.

Travel for us as a family is an important part of our life. Not only visiting beautiful destinations we are learning and discovering along the way. Travel is an incredible part of education, a wonderful platform to experience and grow as a family and create life long memories.

Why travelling as a family is so important to us


Meeting new people and forming new friendships is an important part of the travel journey.

During our recent trip to Hawaii there were so many wonderful highlights along the way. Watching our children make beautiful friendships along the way is so lovely to see. Just watching them have the confidence to interact and socialise and form friendships with other children who live in other parts of the world is magic. During our recent trip both children made new friends who live on Hawaii's Big Island Kona, these guys were inseparable and both my children wish to stay in contact the old fashioned way sending letters and drawing pictures to their new friends.


Travel certainly has a magical way of nurturing and developing self-confidence. Watching our childrens self-confidence soar and seeing them challenge themselves during our travels is special indeed. During our recent trip to Hawaii we went to the most amazing sunset Luau on Hawaiis Big Island. Both of our children embracing the evening enjoying the food and music. Our son was invited on stage to learn to Hula in front of approximately 200 guests. We were totally surprised and over the moon that he agreed. For some this is not such a great deal, but for us seeing our son have the confidence to be up on stage learning something in front of an audience was a big deal. The smile as he walked off stage – IRREPLACEABLE. This is one big reason why we LOVE to travel, its magic.


Escaping the everyday routine and daily grind, travel is a great way to connect as a family away from the day to day routine. To be able to sit down at dinner without distraction and talk is a special time each day during our travels.