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Current Beauty Trends

To inspire you this season, I’ve compiled the hottest beauty trends of 2018 to ensure you stay one step of the game and look fantastic while you’re at it!

Brushed Up Brows

Channel Cara by filling in your brows where necessary, and combing through and up with a clear or tinted brow gel. Keep as bushy as desired. If you need brow-spiration, follow Haley Bogart Face or Striiike on Instagram.

Blurred Lipstick

Make life an off duty model when apply lipstick and gently smudge with fingertips, for a just-kissed lip. I like Charlotte Tilbury’s extensive and completely luxurious lipstick range, and my favourite shade is English Beauty.

Wear an Eye gloss or Crème

Glossier, the brainchild of into The Gloss’ Emily Weiss, has singlehandly brought crème eyeshadows to the forefront and Lidstar is being worn by everyone – including Beyonce! The buttery eyeshadow sticks give a gorgeous hue that can be muted down for daytime or amped up for an evening look, and are available in a handful of shades.

Sheer Nail Polish Colours

Straying from the bright colours of summer, right now it’s all about the sheer nail shades for the ultimate manicure. Dior Nail Glow gives a muted soft nail shade and leaves the pink of your nails pinker and whites whiter.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Maybe It

Visible Bobby Pins

All the Instagram influencers are reliving the 90s by strategically placing bobby pins on top of the hair for a coolgirl flair!

Social media is the easiest way to keep an eye on what’s new in the beauty world, so keep an eye on the heros of the beauty community – think Emma Hoareau, Allana Davison and Haley Bogart. Before too long, you’ll become the IT girl of your group that everyone comes to for beauty advice – enjoy!

About the Author

I'm Emily, the founder and creator of Why Hello Beauty. I moonlight as a beauty blogger whilst re-watching far too many 90's sitcoms - often with a glass of vino in hand!

I'm known for keeping my readers up to date with the latest and greatest in beauty, so stay along for the ride won't you?

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