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Yoga for Children

While adults have long enjoyed the benefits of practicing yoga, it’s now time for your children to also enjoy this relaxing and nourishing ritual. We are so pleased to now offer special adapted children’s yoga classes for those aged 2 – 17 at Whoosh Club, Level 1, 129 - 133 Military Road, Neutral Bay, NSW.

Children and young adults are as much influenced by our society, and can take on all the pressures and stresses of busy lives – just as adults – and introducing yoga can help counter these pressures and begin to soothe and relax their minds and bodies.

Our skilled and qualified teachers will ensure the safety of each and every participant, and focus on benefits including but not limited to:

  • Building one’s self confidence in a non-competitive physical activity,

  • Assisting children to learn to focus on the present,

  • Assisting children to become body aware, and connect with their inner selves,

  • And increasing coordination, strength and physical balance!

It’s worth noting that if your child suffers from a diagnosed hormonal imbalance, yoga can be an effective additional activity to combine with medication or treatment provided by a doctor.

Our programs engage the mind, body and spirit in a safe and creative environment – plus it’s a load of fun!

For more information on specific programs and class times, please contact Lily on 0404072211. We can also be found on FB and/or Instagram at @whitegloveservices. Namaste!

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